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We understand that a strong platform of good design is paramount to the success of your business, so we create everything from brand identities and logos, to printed marketing materials and websites.

Our designers all bring their own individual style, flavour and specialisms to each and every project and all of the team work with our clients directly, sharing ideas as the project progresses.

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What Makes DSW Norwich SEO Web Design stand out from the pack?


You need to know the essential traits of great Web sites?

After you visit a site and find yourself staying awhile, what makes you stay ?  make a site work for you. That is were Norwich seo web design come in.


This is what we do .
Stick with standard HTML (currently HTML 5) and your pages will look good on all browsers that support it.

Overall, we’ve found that companies either get the Web or they don’t. Your seo Web site should reflect the culture of the Web, which we call the “Gift Economy.” (Witness Netscape and Microsoft.) Very few sites (5%)


Provide credible, original content in as many forms as possible

    Original content is the most important trait of a great seo Web site. Sites that provide only links to other sites are essentially meta-lista.
    Web sites should be updated regularly. Stale Web sites say “been there, done that.” For the information to be valuable it should be well-edited. For external links include only the best sites with concise descriptions. For internal content be like a magazine editor, don’t rush to publish mediocre or incomplete articles.
Original Content is the most important trait of a great Web site.

Share everything you learn

Customize and target your content/site to your users. Think “one-to-one” Web sites.

Custom-tailor the information to user preferences

    One of the Web’s strengths is the volume of information available. That is also one of its weaknesses. Sites that offer customization features (Mylook, allow the user to filter the content they see. The future of the Web are “one-to-one” Web sites. These automated, database-driven sites adapt the content, advertising, and even the look to individual users. Technologies such as Web Objects and Cold Fusion allow webmasters to create dynamic, interactive, and adaptive seo Web sites.From Norwich web design .

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    Template-based database publishing systems are much more efficient and consistent for publishers, give users a richer more targeted experience, and when coupled with ad software, give advertisers higher clickthroughs. Story Server stores content and graphic elements in a Sybase database, and as visitors request a page the content is “poured” on the fly into design templates.

Optimize your HTML

    by removing excess spaces, comments, tags and commentary, especially on your home page, to minimize file size and download time. Products like Antimony Software’s Mizer and VSE’s HTML Turbo automate this process by removing excess characters and HTML to optimize your HTML and JavaScript. I manually tune our home page for minimize file size (typically 14-15K for the HTML page), but these products can help even file-size obsessed webmasters like myself. These products are drag and drop, and should be used as the last step before you upload your page (the files are harder to read after many of the returns are removed). After optimization your pages will appear to snap onto the screen.

Be easy to read

    Make your pages as easy to read as possible. Black text on a white background (as this page is set up) is the easiest to read. I’ve seen some nearly impossible to read pages that use backgrounds the same shade as the text and SEO with quality web design.
The second most important trait a Web site should have is interactivity.

Be interactive

good interactivity engages the user and makes your site memorable.

    After original content, the second most important trait a Web site should have is interactivity. The Web is an interactive hypermedia communications medium that your Website and seo must reflect. Sites that involve the user and have a sense of will get more hits, and can charge more for ad space.
    Another advantage of interactivity is self-generating content. By allowing your visitors to interact with your site they actually create content for you. Script-driven user surveys and forums allow visitors to share information with others and can help shape your site to better serve their needs. Forum or chat software is a great way to do this. A great example of a user-driven site is Slashdot, a news site for people which posts short stories submitted by users, and allows users to easily append comments to each story.
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